Wilson & Chan, LLP took on the cause of one of NYC’s iconic chefs and secured a total victory against his business partners, including the grant of injunctive relief. Our client contributed his storied family history and culinary experience to a venture that quickly took his contributions and cast him aside. Having been one of the anchors of Chinese culinary tradition in New York City, our client found himself forced to the sideline while others capitalized on his name, recipes, and family history. More than just a disagreement about business, this case represented a wholesale hijacking of the life’s work of our client. The standard for securing a preliminary injunction by a court is extremely high, one our team was able to argue for and meet. With this victory, our client gets both his name and reputation back. He and his staff can continue to anchor Chinatown’s historical culinary tradition without fear of having his legendary name attached to food over which he had no control or direction.

Our team, led by Henry Chan, successfully forced a judicial dissolution of the company and was awarded an injunction to prevent any further exploitation of our client’s goodwill. Congratulations to Jeffrey L. Wilson, Virginie Brizon, and Gina Antoun for their contributions to the overall Wilson & Chan, LLP team effort.

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